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florestal santa maria

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Florestal Santa Maria S/A is a 100% Brazilian company and the sole owner of Florestal Santa Maria Farm, which is located in the Colniza District in the northern part of the state of Mato Grosso. It extends itself over 71.713,9590 hectares of the Legal Amazon Area. The company has adopted a business model that aims at combining profitability and the non-predatory use of forest resources for its many business projects. The principle that guides our professional team is environmental protection, not only because it helps preserve the ecosystem and its surrounding area, but because environmental protection also represents the company´s source of revenue.
The work ethos that guides our enterprise aims at meeting the current and global need for an immediate reduction in deforestation. FSM began its activities in 2002, when Brazil´s enviromental agency Ibama approved our Sustainable Forest Management Plan.
Although the Farm can legally deforest 20% of its forest area to pursue a commercial activity, it decided not to exercise its right to do so in favor of protecting the entire vegetation of its enterprise.

In 2009, FSM started a project based on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradations or REDD. This initiative broke paradigms as ours was the first privately-owned farm in Brazil to implement an environmental service under the REDD framework. This is an initiative that reinforces our company´s goal of keeping the farm´s entire area standing by protecting the trees and the forest´s ecosystem

All our present and future activities have a direct positive impact on the lives of the citizens of Colniza, not only due to the low environmental impact of their work but also because these workers are offered the opportunity of legally joining the labor market. By doing so, workers can enjoy the benefits of the labor legislation currently in force.

Our company firmly believes that having legal workers illegally harvest timber or even the opposite i.e., having illegal workers legally harvest timber results in an unfeasible enterprise. This is how FSM turns its commercial activities into a long-term tool for social change and environmental protection.

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