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Florestal Santa Maria’s Answer to the World Rainforest Movement’s Baseless Article of June, 2018


The World Rainforest Movement (WRM) published this past June, 2018, an article entitled “The farce of the ‘Florestal Santa Maria’ REDD project in Mato Grosso, Brazil.” Florestal Santa Maria does not know WRM or its representatives, and has never been in contact with the WRM. The regrettable article was published without hearing Florestal Santa Maria about any of the false events and circumstances raised by WRM.

According to WRM’s own description of its purpose, “The WRM supports efforts that defend forests and forest-dependent communities from (...) other forest preservation-type projects that threaten them, like REDD+ and other offset projects that are part of the increasing trend of commodifying nature.” Thus, irrespective of the undisputed contribution of Florest...

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