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REDD FSM Project

Florestal Santa Maria S/A has reached the final validation stage of its REDD project, which began in 2009. This process culminated in the breaking of a paradigm for being the first private property in Brazil to offer a validated environmental service.

In addition to working with compensating emissions of greenhouse gases (CO2) through its REED project, the goal of FSM is to design a business model that can be replicated with projects that aim at making a Sustainable Forest Management Plan more attractive from a financial perspective.

To understand the impact of this project, at the end of 30 years (2009/2039), it is expected that by avoiding deforestation of the native forest, 30 million tons of CO2 will have failed to reach the atmosphere. FSM REDD Project was validated on 05/04/12 according to the VCS-V.3 methodology (Verified Carbon Standard Version 3 = REDD Project in a Sustainable Forest management Area). The code needed to verify validation is RA-VAL-VCS-015785.

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