timber activity

Deforestation in the Amazon corresponds to 5% of global greenhouse emissions. Florestal Santa Maria (FSM) develops in its property projects that are economically and environmentally viable. The timber activity encompasses: Forest Management Plan, Forestry Logistics, Forest Industry and Forest timber waste.

forest management plan

FSM started a Sustainable Forest Management Plan (SFMP) in 2002. The focus was to align our business view to our commitmment with socially and environmentally sustainable practices.

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logistical aspects of forest management

FSM self-manages its entire logistics chain, from de cutting and dragging of trees to the loading, transportation and storaging of the legally cut logs in accordance with AUTEX.

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forest timber waste

forestry industry

To be developed.

non timber forest activity

Thinking about the perpetuity of the forest, FSM chose to work with a Sustainable Forest Management Plan (SFMP). As this is a type of management that maintains the forest standing, the other potential forestry uses can be available. These can be: essential oils, medicinal plants, fruits etc. Since Florestal Santa Maria is not an expert in this area, the company is looking for potential partners to develop these products.






nontimber forest waste