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logistical aspects of forest management

FSM plans, implements, operates and manages its entire logistics chain, from the cutting and dragging of trees to the loading, transportation, unloading and storaging of the legally cut logs in accordance with AUTEX, which is a licence issued only by the Environmental Agency of the State of Mato Grosso (SEMA-MT).
That requires the building of basic road infrastructure, brigdes and parking areas. We operate using our own equipment, as well as that of contractors, while strictly following the Forest Management Plan. Due to very particular climatic features of the Amazon region, an effective Logistics Plan is essential.

The period in which we can operate the Plan is limited to the dry season i.e., between June and October. Florestal Santa Maria has five months to harvest 45,000 mt3 of timber in the form of logs. For this reason, employees need to receive excellent training and the logistics chain has to be closely monitored to optimize the operation’s operational costs.

Our differential consists in aligning logistics to service quality in order to be sucessful in our enterprise and satisfy our clients.

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